Power Generation & Transmission

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Power Generation & Transmission

Electrical power is a key cost to your operations; it is an opportunity to monetize your gas stream & to reduce your carbon footprint. We can assist you at the strategic, tactical & operational levels to identify & assess your power opportunities, select solutions & execute projects. Our deep experience across the hydrocarbon value chain includes:

  • Generation – Natural-Gas Fired, Coal to Gas Conversion, Co-generation; renewables
    • Simple & combined cycle; waste heat recovery
    • Solar, wind & geothermal
    • Integration with FG&P & sales systems
    • Technical & economic modelling & evaluation
  • Supply options
    • Electric vs gas drivers
    • Onsite generation vs grid supply
  • Grid Supply
  • Transmission & distribution interconnection
  • Commodity forecasts
  • Tariff analysis & optimization
  • Availability & reliability
  • Regional, intra-Alberta & export markets
  • Investment process management
    • “Self-build” vs “3rd Party” construction & supply
    • Comparative economics to LNG & petrochemicals
    • RFP preparation
  • GHG impact analysis

Power Generation & Transmission Contact

If you are in need of services pertaining to power generation & transmission, please contact either Bob or Bill via email (listed below), or by scheduling a call by clicking the button at the top of the page.

R. N. (Bob) Child, P.Eng.