Play/Asset Evaluation

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Play/Asset Evaluation

The hydrocarbon resource is the foundation for value-chain analysis. We provide a rapid, independent assessment of opportunities, guiding our clients to make informed, profitable decisions based on the plays, resources & assets that underpin their business.

  • In western Canada, this includes the full geological section from the Devonian to the Cretaceous
    • Growth gas plays – Montney, Deep Basin, Duvernay, Horn River & Liard Basins
    • Conventional gas – Cretaceous
    • Oil – e.g., Shallow Duvernay; Montney, Cretaceous; thermal oil


  • Evaluate formations for storage, acid gas injection & carbon sequestration
    • Integrate proprietary play resource & capture modelling with monetization strategies.
    • Define client’s project capture areas
    • Resource potential, capture & drilling outlook
    • Condensate & Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) yields, H2S levels
    • Type curves & curve evolution
    • Competitive infrastructure assessment
    • Production, revenue & income forecasts & valuation
    • Opportunities & risks, future capital requirements


  • Detailed multi-client Resource & Infrastructure Studies.


  • Support business decisions throughout the process to improve effectiveness & efficiency

Play/Asset Evaluation Contact

If you are in need of services pertaining to play/asset evaluation, please contact either Bob or Simon via email (listed below), or by scheduling a call by clicking the button at the top of the page.

R. N. (Bob) Child, P.Eng.