Field Gathering & Processing​

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Field Gathering & Processing

We provide a rapid, independent assessment for all aspects of the infrastructure business, guiding our clients to make informed, profitable decisions. Clients realize added value from the optimization of existing & potential new facilities & the business built around them:

  • Our extensive facilities experience includes:
    • Sweet & sour gas gathering & processing
    • Sulfur recovery & acid gas injection
    • Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) & condensate recovery
    • Oil-producing systems
    • Water management (produced water & completion needs)
    • Owned & third-party facilities
  • Optimization of competitive capture
    • Modelling, forecasting & assessment
    • Customer analysis
    • Business development plan preparation
    • Area integration & facility consolidation
    • Opportunity based development optimization
  • Carbon Footprint Assessment and Optimization
    • Carbon taxes & alternatives
    • Zero emissions gathering & processing
    • Carbon Capture, Usage, & Sequestration (CCUS) 
  • Midstream business & commercial practices:
    • Third party fee assessment
    • Fee & term tactical planning
    • Contracting standards
    • Area production & reserves dedications
  • Regulatory approvals & compliance
  • Risk identification & mitigation – e.g., Abandonment & Reclamation Obligation (ARO)
  • Expert witness & mediation

Field Gathering & Processing Contact

If you are in need of services pertaining to field gathering and processing, please contact either Bob or Steven via email (listed below), or by scheduling a call by clicking the button at the top of the page.

R. N. (Bob) Child, P.Eng.