Energy Industry Evolution

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Energy Industry Evolution

How the world views energy supply & consumption is rapidly evolving. We help our clients understand, redesign & optimize their energy footprint at the strategic & tactical level to meet evolving Environment, Social & Governance (ESG) requirements:

  • Green House Gas (GHG) & fugitive emissions management
    • Inventory existing emissions
    • Define costs
    • Identify management & reduction opportunities
    • Application of strategic thinking to new construction alternatives
    • Assess carbon offset options
    • Net zero operations
  • Application of low carbon energy alternatives
    • Renewables (geothermal, solar, wind & biomass)
    • Hydrogen
  • Carbon Capture, Usage & Sequestration (CCUS)
    • Surface & down hole opportunities
  • Existing & developing regulatory requirements
    • Reduce compliance cost
    • Accessing government support programs
    • Assessing and forecasting impacts

Energy Industry Evolution Contact

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