STERIA is a highly-experienced consulting group (over 200 years of Industry experience and
technical and business expertise) which focuses on adding value to our clients’ Western Canada
and International Energy Assets in the context of the North American and Global natural gas,
natural gas liquids, and power marketplaces. We bring our independent and unbiased perspective,
collective knowledge and experience, energy, and focus to add value for our clients

With an increasing focus on “low carbon” energy, net zero carbon emissions, and Environmental and Social
Governance (ESG), Hydrogen and Geothermal Energy are becoming increasingly topical within both the
Federal and Provincial Governments and, resultingly, the Natural Gas Business.

As companies explore their longer-term vision for a lower carbon future, both Hydrogen and Geothermal
needs to be understood and may factor into their business and ESG Plans

Government support for Geothermal opportunities have been available for some time; Hydrogen is still in
the program development stage. There is a “first mover” advantage available in both areas

With its background and experience, STERIA is uniquely positioned to assist our clients in understanding the
playing field and how opportunities may apply to their specific business

Steria can assist you in understanding: the Regulatory Framework, available Government Support Programs,
Surface Technologies and Equipment, Downhole Carbon Sequestration, Hydrogen Demand, and Business and
Project Economics. Decarbonization of producing and processing assets is a key component of a Hydrogen
opportunity and should be considered in parallel. STERIA can provide guidance and assist our clients in this
key area

To assist our clients in understanding the basics of both Hydrogen and Geothermal in West Central Alberta,
STERIA has prepared summary documents (50 to 75 PowerPoint Slides) that are available in a cost-effective
fashion to jump start the understanding and discussions